A mysterious light caught by Curiosity Rover on Mars

A mysterious light caught by Curiosity Rover on Mars

Written by Thiago Christofoletti

20 April 2014

Some weeks ago a picture on the red planet taken by the Curiosity Rover made quite the fuss in the scientific community. The reason is simple, far off in what later was said to be the ground level in front of a crater rim on the horizon, a mysterious light appears (click the image to see the original):

Light caught by Curiosity Rover

According to NASA, the light could be the glint from a rock surface reflecting the sun or cosmic rays striking the camera’s detector, published by The National Geographic and The Discovery Channel. The same mission spokesman Guy Webster stated in an e-mail to The Chronicle that “among the thousands of images received from Curiosity, ones with bright spots show up nearly every week.”

The explanations  and the fact the light was visible in the right camera and not the left one (taken simultaneously), it’s easy to say the phenomenon is nowhere near mysterious. But the picture when zoomed-in gives the impression of a light shining upward from the ground. Surprising enough for a reflection of whatever kind, isn’t it?

A zoom-in of the light can be seen in this video:

Extraterrestrial life or not, we may never know. Especially if one relies on NASA for disclosure.


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