Brilliant minds or Akashic records?

Brilliant minds or Akashic records?

Written by Carlos Heron

4 May 2014

It is not easy to talk about the universal library called Akashic; this terminology was baptized by Hyndus civilization in the past – they really believed that everyone could access that knowledge through our own mind; however, just brilliant minds can have that special experience whenever they want to.

If you think about the creation of God, all lived experiences should be organized in the same place to be accessed anytime for any intelligent living species in the Universe – does it sounds consistent? From time to time we can realize that special people appear in the world changing the humanity course with amazing ideas – it is a good question – these personalities just create new things or do they access this universal library unconsciously? They have always had the same biological brain structure, but could create the future with new ideas and inventions without big efforts – Are they special? Yes, they are … they have the gift to see the world in a different way, I mean it is possible to use the experience that has already happened somewhere to other species – the universe is not young, so the library has a lot of information available.

>> The spacetime are flexible according the Einstein theory, thus we can travel by time changing the curvature of the space – How could Einstein know that?

>> The inventions about alternating current and induction motor of Nikola Tesla;

>> The theory about conduct of ethic by Socrates;

>> Newton, Galileu Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci, Puccini, William Blake, Johannes Brahms, Beethoven, Srinivasa Ramanujan …

What’s common between them?

They were brilliant minds; they really believed that they had free access to the cosmic information;

Thinking about yourself – have you ever wondered when you resolved a problem and till now you don’t know how you could do that? Maybe you had accessed to the library.

PS: There is no scientific evidence for the Akashic records.


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