Do you think we are a blind civilization? or can we explain everything about our origin?

Do you think we are a blind civilization? or can we explain everything about our origin?

Written by Carlos Heron

15 February 2014

We can have different ideas regarding our history; however, most of them don’t make sense to science especially when they involve religious beliefs, right?

In my opinion, Science x Religion have been saying the same thing since the beginning but under other names; the God that I really believe in comes from outer space and he is much bigger than we can imagine; we are still a young species living without memory because we are not prepared to accept the true story yet and if we could look carefully at other species living among us, we would think … are we as smart as we think we are?

There are a lot of inexplicable things around this planet; Erich Von Däniken has opened our eyes putting Religion and Science together thirty years ago … check it out …

Click link (english video)

Portuguese version if you prefer …

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