Former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer says aliens exist and live among us

Former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer says aliens exist and live among us

Written by Thiago Christofoletti

31 May 2014

Extraterrestrial intelligence and life of any sort have always been subjects of interest and controversy for most people. We’ve established before that the known universe is far too broad to host life – from a scientific and statistical point of view – exclusively on a planet that orbits a dying star located somewhere in the outskirts of one among billions of galaxies. It’s then fairly safe to admit that we might not be alone in said universe. And that is exactly what former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer has been endorsing for a few years now.

Mr. Paul Hellyer is an educated engineer who served a long career in the Canadian politics. He has been studying, lecturing and authoring on the subject since 2005 when he first went public on a UFO Symposium on Disclosure and Planetary Directions.

While aliens and Unidentified Flying Objects can be mistaken for many things from a balloon to an asteroid with a perfectly logical explanation, of which Hellyer estimates that about 80% of sighting reports he analyzed on his former cabinet days were, there was a fair 15% to 20% share of genuine UFOs.

He goes on by saying that Earth has been visiting by intelligent beings for thousands of years and that there are many different species already living on the planet – his actual numbers sum up to be as many as 80 different species – that could be hard to spot given their similarity to us humans (whether by their actual forms or by the ability to transform themselves into human appearance). Moreover, he states that the US government has been working in cooperation with at least one of these species, called the Tall Whites (a subject to which we will refer in future publications). He believes most of these species are benign but there might be a handful of those who have secret agendas.

There are many of his audiences available, but in a recent interview for Russia Today in December 2013 he explains his latest findings and beliefs:

Here is another of his interviews for reference:

He also spoke before Washington DC officials in May 2013 to request that, among other politic and governmental subjects, whatever information known to the United States government on the matter goes public, as you can watch below:

Some might argue that his statements are extreme and widely unrealistic, but whatever reasons he had to come forward and expose his findings and beliefs may be a very good starting point to wonder why so many efforts from various governments around the globe to protect the truth.

Think about it.

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