Humans do not come from Earth ! Expert claims …

Humans do not come from Earth ! Expert claims …

Written by Carlos Heron

16 March 2014

I wish I could give a more definitive answer, however the science has been having problems to explain this point of view; Charles Darwin has never said we come from apes (why do the school books insist on saying it? My God!), so without any doubts there is a missing link regarding the human evolution.

I really must insist on “where did we come from?” Could we come from Mars or an unknown solar system, perhaps from Alpha Centauros as most scientists mention? Could our Gods be Aliens? It is hard to say but the scientists have been suggesting that the humans were put on the planet by aliens tens of thousands of years ago; the human race has defects that mark it of being not from this world, for example:

  • Sunburn;
  • Bad backs;
  • Pain during labor;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Human reptilian brain;

I am not saying that I really believe it, I am just leading to people to get in touch with further suggestions of evidences – ps: Human reptilian brain is an interesting subject to put on another post.

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