Is there an extinct civilization on Mars? Why not?

Is there an extinct civilization on Mars? Why not?

Written by Carlos Heron

23 February 2014

There are intriguing buildings on Mars surface, we are taking pictures of this planet from space probes since 1965; watching this video, you can see Mars landscapes showing you extinct cities, buried pyramids, stone statues, geometric forms and, without any doubt, dry lakes around the surface (or you can say that it is just a natural formation – it is up to you).

Mars, which lies nearest to the asteroid belt, is considered one of the most similar in appearance to our Earth in the solar system. It is the planet where there was atmosphere, where volcanoes are commonplace and in which contained vast vegetation in the past.

We know that Mars has been suffering from impact of the asteroids since a long time ago , it doesn’t have the ability to develop and sustain life as we know nowadays (at least on the surface).

I hesitate to say that but could Mars be our Earth in the future?

Think about it …

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  1. This video is quite interesting but rather speculative than solid argumentation. But here’s more related to possible extraterrestrial intel on Mars:

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