The church and extraterrestrial intelligence

The church and extraterrestrial intelligence

Written by Thiago Christofoletti

28 May 2014

One could probably think that science and religion don’t hold hands, that their beliefs are – in many cases – conflicting. Then what happens when a religious institution sets off to study and seek knowledge on a rather scientific field? Not just any religious institution though, one of the oldest and most powerful of all times.

It may sound controversial and surprise you – as it did to me –, but a few years ago Vatican chief astronomer Father José Gabriel Funes stated in a long interview for the newspaper L’Osservatore Romano that there is a certain possibility of intelligent life in existence elsewhere in the universe, to quote:

“It is possible. So far we have no evidence. But certainly in a universe so big we can not exclude this hypothesis.” – Fr. José Gabriel Funes

While this might be the most astounding announcement ever made by the Vatican, he supports his view on the scientific understanding that the universe is composed of billions of galaxies, each of billions of stars and potentially of inhabitable planets. We’ve covered this before as well.

A longer and a little more detailed coverage can be found here:

Monsignor Corrado Balducci, at the time a theologian member of the Vatican Curia, the governing body, and highly placed Vatican official who is close to the Pope has also been on the media long before Fr. Funes stating that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomena:

The “creation vs. evolution” debate is also mentioned by Fr. Funes, who believes are not conflicting:

“[...] From my perspective, the Big Bang [theory] remains the best explanation of the universe’s origin that we have at this point from a scientific standpoint.” – Fr. José Gabriel Funes

“As an astronomer, I continue to believe that God is the creator of the universe and that we are not the product of chance, but children of a good father, who has a task of love for us. The Bible is not fundamentally a science book. [...] Therefore, scientific answers cannot be found in the Bible. [...] Currently, [the Big Bang theory] is the best and is not in contradiction with faith. It is reasonable.” – Fr. José Gabriel Funes

His interview for the Italian newspaper can be found here and translated to english here.

Could such an uncommon disclosure hint that the Vatican knows more than they’re telling? Would they be preparing the world for the unveiling of extraterrestrial life of some sort?

Open your mind.

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