What is the real reason why our neighboring Venus spins the wrong way?

What is the real reason why our neighboring Venus spins the wrong way?

Written by Carlos Heron

27 April 2014

Can you imagine the sun rise in the west? so, if you are in Venus, it is possible to check … ( but you must be patient – one day in Venus corresponds to 243 – Earth days)

The scientists have strange theories about what happened:

>> Venus initially spun in the same direction as most other planets (anti-clockwise), suddenly it suffered a big impact from an asteroid that might have inverted the planet – there is no evidence;

>> Venus is almost laid down compared to the other planets (I mean the Venus’s axis is in a different position compared to the others planets in our solar system); as mentioned in the first theory – Venus initially spun in the same direction and due to the angle rotation position – the scientists believe that the planet might have turned a somersault in space because of the dense atmosphere – unbelievable;

>> The most crazy theory – the planet has inverted the spin when the Nibiru planet (Planet X) passed through our solar system – this planet passes here every 55.000 years in an elliptical orbit changing everything around – I should mention that the science has been rejecting this possibility claiming there is no evidence to support this theory;

I am not sure what is right or wrong, but we can find a lot of problems with all theories – What is the truth? If you have a different idea, let us know …

Ps: Uranus is totally laid down (the Uranus’s axis has 98º), so it is hard to say the spin side – but it is considered as an anomaly – could it be an influence of Nibiru? Who knows …


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