Would be Earth a kind of prison?

Would be Earth a kind of prison?

Written by Open Your Mind

29 December 2014

I am afraid that it could be a possibility; it is so hard to understand why we have a lot of difficulties to leave this planet … of course, beginning for our technology no doubt that we need to have more time, maybe it is necessary more 100 years of the silicon evolution from now on. Nevertheless, there are so many interfaces that it makes us believe it could be impossible, the main limits are:

>> Van Allen radiation belts – it is a magnetic field of the energetic charged particles that it is totally mortal for us, even if you are wearing a special cloth and equipment (subatomic particles) – because of that, there are a lot of scientists have been thinking that the human never went to the moon – I confess that I am sitting on the fence at the moment.


>> Distance and Time – everything is so far away and it is necessary to much time to arrive just in the nearest star – Alpha Centauri system is about 4,22 light-years from Earth, it would take about four years to travel there at speed of light, can you imagine? The scientists have no idea how we can do that until now.

>> We spend a short time here in Earth – our life is very insignificant in front of the Planet life; it is possible that since the first man stepped on Earth until the last one, we will not be able to leave this “prison”- thank you God.

>> Gravity, dark energy, black holes, quasi-stellar radio sourc (quasars) -  we don’t have information enough to understand it – telling about the Big Bang theory, the scientists have discovered that space is expanding more and more… what?!?! Impossible !!! …  so if the Universe is infinite this theory is totally wrong – back to the drawing board.

>> Religions – I will not say anything about that.


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